Instagram Filters

Instagram AR filters offer an untapped opportunity for authentic digital interaction with your brand. Drive followers to your feed and let your audience spread your message for you with transformative, interactive 3D content designed to be shared through Instagram Stories.


We help top global brands and agencies achieve phenomenal results by building AR filters with compelling creative for their social media campaigns. From ideation through to development and deployment, we can bring your brand  to life in a face or world filter experience your audience will be excited to share

EM Cosmetics - Which Lip Cloud? Randomizer Filter

Beauty mogul and digital influencer Michelle Phan’s cosmetics brand uses an Instagram AR randomizer filter to let fans choose their Infinite Lip Cloud Liquid Lipstick shade in a fun and engaging new new way.

For the the brand’s first AR filter experience, their range of Infinite Lip Cloud Liquid Lipstick shades are featured in graphic images that cycle over users’ heads. The filter surpassed six-figure impressions on the day of the campaign launch.

Peach & Lily - P&L Glass Filter
The award-winning Korean beauty brand created by Alicia Yoon uses an Instagram AR filter to promote their coveted Glass Skin Refining Serum.

The filter gives users poreless, luminous skin; light beams and sparkling stars lets users create magical Story content that shows off a glass skin complexion. Content created and shared by brand influencers for the launch drove engagement with the experience on this key social channel.

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